Download Pokemap Live IPA file for iOS

Pokemap Live is an amazing application for all Pokemon Go fans. This app shows you the location of all rare Pokemon on the map. With Pokemap Live, you need to tap on any location on the map and this map will give you exact co-ordinates of all Pokemon in that area. Pokemap Live is currently available for both iOS and Android but unfortunately, it’s not available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. So, in order to download this app in iOS, you need to install Pokemap Live ipa file. We have tested this file and it work fine. So, if you are interested and want to download Pokemap Live iPA file then follow the steps:

How to install Pokemap Live IPA file:

  1. Download Pokemap Live ipa file.
  2. Install iTunes (only for Windows) and Download Cydia Impactor (
  3. Connect your device.
  4. Open Cydia Impactor.
  5. Drag downloaded ipa to Cydia Impactor window.
  6. Enter your Apple ID email/password.
  7. Wait for app install.
  8. On device go to Settings -> General -> Profiles & Device management
  9. Find profile with name of your Apple ID and open it
  10. Tap “Trust”
  11. Now you can run app

How to install Pokemap Live IPA (RU):

  1. Скачать ipa из репозитория.
  2. Установить iTunes(только для Windows) и скачать Cydia Impactor (
  3. Подключить девайс через USB.
  4. Открыть Cydia Impactor.
  5. Перетащить ipa на окно Cydia impactor.
  6. Ввести свой Apple ID email/пароль.
  7. Подождать пока приложение установится на девайс
  8. Открыть на девайсе Настройки -> Основные -> Профили и управление устройством
  9. Найти профиль со своим Apple ID и открыть его
  10. Нажать “Доверять”