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How to play Pokemon Go with Joystick on Android

Since the launch of Pokémon Go, every day we get to see plethora of third party applications, which aims to enhance gaming experience, surfacing internet. And Niantic keeps striking them off the internet.Xposed Pokemon Module is yet another inclusion in brigade of third party applications. Xposed Pokemon module allows you to catch Pokemons without going to actual places. Means you can catch Pokemon in California while sitting in Australia.

The module actually enables you to select any location on earth and it then tricks Pokémon Go Application into believing that you are actually present there. The module provided you a Joystick to control your movement. Further, lets learn How to play Pokémon Go with Joystick.

How to play Pokemon Go with Joystick:


  1. Rooted Device
  2. Xposed Framework
  3. Xposed Pokemon Module

How to enable Joystick to play Pokémon Go:

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  1. Enable Xposed Pokemon Module in Xposed Framework
  2. Restart the device
  3. Open the Xposed Pokemon module from Xposed Framework
  4. After opening the module the world map will appear
  5. Set the start location in the map where you want to go hunting. You can select the location with the help of marker shown on the map.
  6. Click “Start” button from the list to make 4 arrows panel visible
  7. Now open the Pokemon Go from home screen
  8. Once the game is loaded successfully, you will start from the location you selected on the map in Xposed Pokemon Module.
  9. Using the arrow keys you can move around to catch all the precious Pokemons.