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Download Pokebot 1.0.18 APK for Android

The latest Pokebot is finally here and it features a big list of features for Pokemon Go fans. Pokebot is not like the rest of bots for Pokemon Go. It’s more stable and has some amazing features like Sniping, IV checker, Antiban algorithm, PTC/Google Login, farming Pokemon, Evolving Pokemon, Transfer, AutoUpdate a lot more.

One amazing feature of Pokebot 1.0.18 is that, it’s fully compatible with Pokemon Go 0.39.1 API and you won’t get banned for using Pokebot. Aside from all these amazing features, Pokebot 1.0.18 APK is fully compatible with Android 5.0/6.0 and even Android 7.0.

If you are a Pokemon Go Android user then it’s time to install Pokebot 1.0.18 APK on your device. If you are interested and want to download Pokebot 1.0.18 APK for Android then follow the steps below:


Here are some features of PokeBot Pokemon GO bot:

  • Background work
  • Low battary usage
  • Anti-ban algorithm
  • PTC/Google Login
  • Search for gyms/pokestops/spawns
  • Farm pokestops
  • Farm all Pokemon in neighbourhood
  • Throw Berries/use best pokeball
  • Transfers duplicate pokemons
  • Evolve all pokemons
  • Throws away unneeded items
  • Humanlike Walking
  • Softban bypass
  • AutoUpdate / VersionCheck
  • Use lucky egg while evolve
  • Egg Hatching Automatically
  • Power-Up pokemon
  • Using Google Maps Determine the Route API!
  • Show current position on Map
  • Advanced Settings
  • Load – Save – Share Settings Module in Development
  • Support Multi Languages

 Download Pokebot 1.0.18 APK for Android:

  • Download Pokebot 1.0.18 APK
  • Uninstall any previous version of the app, if you have one installed.
  • Place the downloaded APK on your Android device.
  • Now, Go to Settings > Security > Allow Unknown Sources. Check this option and now you can install APK files from other sources too.
  • Tap on the downloaded APK and start the installation process.
  • Once completed, Run Pokemon Go. Now You have Pokesniper App integrated in Pokemon Go.

Download RocketBot 2.0 Pokemon Go Bot Compatible with Pokemon Go 0.37.1

RocketBot 2.0 has received a complete overhaul and now it’s not only better but also works really fast. According to RocketBot development team, wertzui remade the whole bot and is now available for download. Another big news about this update is that it uses that .35 API meaning that the bot is fully compatible with Pokemon Go 0.35 and 0.37 version. The team has just made this release public and the RocketBot 2.0 is a powerful Pokemon Go bot developed in C#.

By using the latest RocketBot 2.0, you can do a lot of things in Pokemon Go. You can set the default Longitude, Latitude and Altitude and can even use Pokemon Trainer Club account or Google login. This application comes with 100s of other features which you can read below:

  • PTC / Google Login (Google Login is currently unavailable due to API incompatibility)
  • Get Map Objects and Inventory
  • Live map showing Pokéstops, Gyms, Pokemon and farming path
  • Farm Pokéstops
  • Farm all Pokémon in the neighbourhood
  • Auto-Recycle uneeded items while keeping wanted items
  • View all Pokémon CP/IV %
  • Transfer/Powerup/Evolve Pokémon
  • Output level and needed XP for levelup
  • Output Username, Level, Stardust, XP/hour, Pokémon/hour
  • Automatic use of Razzberries

If you are interested and want to download RocketBot 2.0 then you can download it from here.

Download RocketBot 2.0 Pokemon Go Bot